Teeth Whitening Prior Lake Mn

Teeth Whitening in Prior Lake MN

Your teeth can be healthy, straight and perfectly aligned, but if they’re yellowed or stained you’re still not putting your best smile forward. Learn the basics about teeth whitening, including the process of having your teeth professionally brightened by a dentist. The doctors offer this commonly requested cosmetic treatment at their Prior Lake, MN office (also serving Savage, MN, Shakopee, MN & New Prague, MN).

Why Do Patients Desire Whiter Teeth?
Your teeth are the first thing that people notice when you talk or smile. That’s why patients spend over $11 billion each year on whitening solutions. Surveys have found that the vast majority people believe that an attractive, white smile makes you more successful socially, professionally and romantically. Senior patients often desire whiter teeth because it makes them look younger, vibrant and healthy.

Teeth Whitening Options
Teeth Whitening Options Prior Lake, MN

There are a number of possible options for patients to explore when they want whiter teeth. Some people choose to go for over the counter products which include whitening strips, trays and mouthwashes. The problem with these solutions is that they’re often difficult to use and usually take a long time to produce results. For instance, OTC whitening trays take weeks to work and are messy to deal with on a daily basis. Patients who want reliable and immediate whitening results opt for treatment at a dentist’s office.

Professional Teeth Whitening
When patients want a reliable and fast solution for discolored teeth, they can get results in just 60-90 minutes at Morgan family dental in Prior Lake, MN. Using a high-powered whitening solution (commonly made of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide), The doctors can improve the color of a patient’s teeth by up to eight shades. Once the whitening session is complete, the results will last for six months to as long as two years.

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