Patient Insurance Information

Dental coverage under Medical Insurance

With the implementation of having dental coverage through your current medical insurance carrier, there are several things to take into consideration. It is your responsibility, as the consumer, to know what coverage details are associated with your particular plan. The following are some questions you will want to know before your dental visit.
Does your plan cover preventative visits only? (cleanings, exams, x-rays). At what percentage?
Does your plan have comprehensive coverage? (work done by the dentist; fillings, extractions, etc…)
Does your plan have a deductible to meet? (individual,family)
Do you have to meet this deductible before insurance will make payment?
With the thousands of insurance plans available, it would be impossible for us to know the details of each and every one. We ask that you familiarize yourself with your plan.
If you are unaware of what your coverage entails, we will:

  1. Collect payment for our services in full, the day of service.
  2. File your claim with your insurance company.
  3. Reimburse you when payment is received.