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By Babcock & Morgan Family Dental
November 28, 2016
Category: Oral Health

Like all good lifestyle, health and wellness practices, teaching children the benefits of good oral hygiene habits as soon as their teeth begin to develop is the best way to ensure lifelong dedication to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Because primary (baby) teeth are temporary, some people mistakenly believe that they are not as important as adult teeth.

But just like good habits, bad oral hygiene habits and tooth decay early on can linger and continue to impact children's teeth and gums long after their baby teeth have fallen out. The pediatric dentists at Babcock & Morgan Family Dental in Prior Lake, MN advise parents to schedule the first dental appointment when the first tooth erupts, typically around six months of age. Baby teeth should be brushed every day and flossed once the teeth are close enough to touch.

Children's Dentistry and Preventive Care in Prior Lake, MN

Why do primary teeth matter if they will eventually fall out? The effects of consuming too much sugar, bacteria buildup and tooth decay are not exclusive to adults. Children are especially susceptible to the effects of poor oral hygiene habits, which can put them at risk for oral health problems like gum disease later in life.

When it comes to teaching children the virtues of good oral hygiene and dental care, consistency and engagement are important. Turning brushing time into a fun activity that children will look forward to (as opposed to treating it like a chore) can help keep them excited about and committed to brushing and flossing their teeth every day.

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The first step in establishing a strong foundation for children's oral health is with regular oral exams and professional teeth cleanings. For more information and tips on pediatric dental care, contact Babcock & Morgan Family Dental by calling (952) 447-4611 to schedule an appointment today.