By Babcock & Morgan Family Dental
September 02, 2016
Category: Oral Health

Find out if it’s time you picked up the phone to schedule your next dental cleaning.

Caring for your smile is of the utmost importance but so many people seem to forget this or neglect their smile due to busy schedules, dental cleaningstired evenings or rushed days. Of course, if you want to maintain a healthy smile then it might be time you visited our Prior Lake, MN dentists Dr. Michael Babcock, Dr. Tom Morgan for the care you deserve. Find out what might warrant a trip to our office.

The hard and fast rule is that everyone should visit us every six months for dental cleanings and exams. Of course, clumping everyone into the same group may not be entirely fair. After all, you have some people who often forget to brush their teeth and never floss while you may have others who meticulously brush and floss every day. When it comes to factors such as these this may change how often you need to come in for routine care.

Your Prior Lake general dentist likes having patients come in every six months just to make sure teeth and gums are looking healthy and free of disease or decay. Coming in twice a year will really depend on your hygiene, lifestyle, health and other habits.

Of course, even if you provide your smile with proper care it doesn’t mean you can just nix seeing your dentist regularly. After all, there are problems that you may not even be able to see that we can. Plus, many dental issues won’t cause pain or other symptoms until they’ve become more serious. It’s only through these regular visits that we can catch these problems right away.

While twice a year tends to be the rule when it comes to professional dental care, there are some people who can get away with only coming in once a year. Of course, there are also people who should come in about every three to four months. This includes people who are at a very high risk of developing gum disease or decay such as smokers, pregnant women, those with diabetes, people who currently have gum disease, those with weakened immune systems and people who have a lot of plaque and tartar buildup.

Your dental cleaning schedule may change depending on your health and other factors, but if you haven’t been keeping up with your dental cleanings like you should, then it’s time to visit our Prior Lake, MN dental office for a routine visit to get the care your smile deserves. Call Babcock & Morgan Family Dental today!